Pretending to be an Adult

For our entire educational lives we are told what to do. Life is sequential, you complete 3rd grade so you move on to fourth, fourth to fifth and so on. And it’s simple. For most of us the biggest worries are avoiding bad grades and making sure we don’t fail finals.

But, it all comes to an end after high school/college when you finally complete your schooling and now have to be a real adult.

It’s a crazy concept to me, but I like to equate it to Grand Theft Auto. School is story mode. As soon as you graduate, you go into free play where you can steal cars, break into prison or use the cheat codes to get a helicopter (my personal favorite). At this point, no one tells you what to do, your only accountable for yourself, and this scares so many people. There are so many adult questions….”what’s the difference between a 401k and a 403b?” Or “How do I build a shelf set in my house?” Or even “What is a good price to buy boneless chicken at?”

It’s a scary time, but you’re not alone.  You are like a thousands of other people who go through this exact same realization.  Some of us are forced to grow up faster than others, but that’s life.

But fear not, because there is such an easy concept that fixes all of that. It’s called “talking to a more adult adult”. Why yes you are an adult but there are adultier adults that now more about adulting than you do as a young adult. It’s ok to not know everything, but it’s not ok to not ask. The time to ask the question is not when you need the answer, but when you think of the question. And the beautiful part is these adultier adults are all around you. Friends, family, co-workers, random people on yahoo answers, they are everywhere.


You can ask stupid questions, but I’d rather look dumb and ask what might seem to be a simple question than still have my pride as my house burns down because I put the wrong fuel in my oil tank.

1. Find an adultier adult
3. Live your life and drink lemonade because lemonde is delicious

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