Time waits for No man (Part 1)

Time waits for no man….or woman. It’s sounds like Greek philosophy or some impending doom that we all must face…..but in reality, it’s exactly what it says, time does not wait. Time continues, time stops. It’s a scary thought to think that everyday we live we are a day closer to death, and if that’s how you want to live your life, then go ahead. We will all expire, at some point. And we are all ticking towards that time. So instead of living in fear and sadness about the unforeseen future, what do you do.

Live your f@%#ing life. That in itself sounds clichè, but who gives a f*&@. Live your life. Because no one else is going to live it for you. You can live your life sad. You can hate yourself for not achieving goals, you can works some tedious job that slowly turns your brain to mush. Or you can live your life.

Live your life how you want to live it. Set your goal, and work towards it. Buy a house, run a marathon, be kinder to others, set you’re freaking goal.

People are great at setting goals, but they suck at achieving them (myself included). The issue doesn’t lay with the goal itself, not the end point, but in the start point. People fail the major step.

Self evaluation.

Self evaluation.

Self evaluation

Hopefully you understand how important this step is now!

You need to evaluate your life in be honest with yourself. Why do you do certain things? How come you can’t hold a relationship or put down a cheeseburger when you are hungry? It’s because you are not self-aware. Either because you haven’t thought about it or because you refuse to accept the truth.


Life is ugly, and beautiful. Accept the truth, accept your flaws but accept your strengths. And figure it how to make them work together.

Every single person is different and unique so their is no one size fits all answer. But you need to evaluate yourself.

Be honest, look at yourself, set your plan and execute your goal.

And remember, when you take 10 steps forward and three steps back….you’re still 7 steps ahead.

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