The Jungle Juice Experiment

4 score and some odd months ago, I threw a semi-lit ugly sweater Friendsgiving party. In preparation for the festivities, I brought out the ole trusty “Cauldron Of Dankness” (may or may not be a Gatorade jug used for jungle juice that may or may not have been “tactically acquired” from a campground lol)

Anyway, I digress, with winter and the impending cuffing season looming overhead, I decided to try a spiked cider. Using only the finest ingredients, I mixed homemade (from the store) apple cider, apple juice, a dash of makers mark, and last but not least….a handle of liquid gold itself, Dubra.

For those of you outside the Tri-state area who do not know the wonders of Dubra, it’s pretty much your bottom shelf, $10 handle of vodka, that’s a step above rubbing alcohol but not by much.

After mixing and tasting, it was delicious. The home made cider and vodka had a little kick that was soothed by the warmth of the splash of makers mark.

Anyway, as I unveiled my concoction to the group, no one else would partake in the consumption of this delicacy. And it was all for the same reason…..because of the Dubra.

The few that did try it said it was delicious and drank it, yet some still refused, all because of one ingredient, that had they not known was thrown in, they would have gladly partook in a cup.

Although the night ended up great, it made me think…

Because of one pre-conceived notion or bad experience, people refused to even try something.

Just because you had a bad experience with one time, or one person, doesn’t mean you swear off them altogether.

You’d be surprised what a little patience and a little work can make of things in your life, whether it be a relationship or a friendship, or bad sushi you ate 7 months ago……it doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to try things again, or to re-open closed doors.

If you had a bad experience with dubra, so be it, but learn from it, let go, and drink the jungle juice.

Now I’m not saying don’t be cautious……re-opening a door with someone, or sushi, or whatever it may be is not easy, nor does t always work. But it’s sometimes worth trying, and who knows where it goes.

And remember….. you don’t have to drink the second cup, but you should at least be willing to pour it.

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