Small talk, Big Results

Small talk, Big results

I’m sitting in the classroom, packed tightly next to the two people next to me, I’m looking around.

With everyone reading the same PowerPoint, it’s hard to think of a way.

I slowly reach into my pocket, pull out some mints, I place one in my hand as I reach and whisper to the student I’ve never spoken to next to me

“How about this ice breaker”

We silently chuckle and carry on with class…

Everytime you go somewhere new, from sitting next to someone on the bus, to a work conference to moving your whole life across the country, there is an awkward phase of meeting new people.

But it is not as scary as you might think!

Those that know me, know I can pretty much talk to anyone, from homeless folks to multi-millionaires. However, what most don’t know is I’m just as awkward in a new situation as other people. But, I mitigate this by using a few tools on small talk, and how to actually execute it.

1. Everyone is human. Everyone is human. Everyone is human.

2. Where are you from? This is one of the easiest ones. Chances are you have been to that place, know something about that place, or your third cousin twice removed grandmas sister is from there.

3. What do you do for work? There are so many jobs and someone has a unique job, someone has the same jobs or something to talk about.

4. Most importantly, give no f*%/$

Be yourself, make small talk and the rest is history

-Lil Kevy out

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