A house of lopsided tables

A house of lop-sided tables

I like to build, to tinker, to create, to fabricate etc.  To have a pile of wood or pieces and to make something of beauty or function.

I like to build.

Building does not like me….

Whether its building a sketchy stand for a craigslist jet ski that barely rolls, putting 10x the recommended amount of spackle, or even building a lopsided table, building does not like me.

However, who cares!

I like to build, it is something that brings me peace.  It is a challenge, to figure out will work and what will not, how things work mechanically.  I am fascinated by movement, structures, processes.

I have built (more like attempted to build) many things, from a scrap wood projects to shelving units to bars.

The secret to this, is to do what you love, and do what makes you happy.  If you want to build a table, or a chair, then go out and do it!  Find some plans online or do my personal favorite “wing it”  (Warning, be prepared for things to collapse and break if you wing it)

But also know your limitations.  Be smart enough to know what you are capable of and what you could use help on.  Im confident I could a night stand tomorrow, however, building a load bearing wall, I may require some adult supervision (See “Pretending to be an adult” post).

At the end of the day, I like to build things, no matter how flawed they come out.  It is an expression of me, of hard work, of being self sufficient.  It is a task you see all the way through, and roll through the trials and tribulations of it.

So go out and build something!

And to my future wife and kids, I am sorry in advance, I know you will be supportive, but be prepared to have a house full of lopsided tables.

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