​It’s beginning to look alot like F@$%-this

Finding beauty in everything
As I rock out to “Beer Money” by Kip Moore, I go to put my window down in my car and get smacked in the face with cold, icy, miserable snow.  

I hate the snow.

I hate the snow.


In the winter, its cold and it snows.  When dealing with the cold, it is doable.  You layer up, you wear gloves, mittens, and that scarf that great aunt Dorothy knitted for you 10 years ago that you find in the bottom of your closest.  

But the snow….. it’s awful.  It covers your car, it covers your driveway, and it covers the road.  This makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.  

It cancels schools, and work (or if you are unlucky like me you have to work extra), so even your day off can only be so productive.  

However, snow is beautiful.  A fresh coat of snow glimmers brighter then a summer night.  It covers the trees and makes it appear like your everyday surroundings seem like a foreign world.  

For those of us who deal with the snow year after year, we take it for granted.  We curse the traffic delays and endless shovelling, when there are people who have never seen it before, or love it.

The point is: Just because you hate something, or have a tedious task you don’t like, find the good in it, especially if it is a beautiful view in between dodging the impending doom from a snow plow.

-Lil Kevy out

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