3 reasons to surround yourself with success

3 reasons to surround yourself with success

What does the opening line of “The Departed” and my right arm have in common?  Thought you would never ask!  As you clean your life up and put something in your mouth other than Guinness and Jame-o, take a minute to reflect on this quote.

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me”

Reflect some more, and then some more.

One of the reasons I love this quote, is the more and more  I read it, the more I realize the different areas of impact it has, and to the extent it can reach.

Surround yourself with success.  In my mind, there is no greater way to succeed.  If you create your culture, your ethos, your environment as an environment of success, then the ability to be successful increases exponentially.  This is for multiple reasons:

1.  You create that environment around you, that climate, that aura, and that allows your mind to be proactive.  So much of our lives are spent in a reactive climate.  Something bad happens, and we complain and gripe and then set out and find a solution.  However, when you are being the conductor in charge of dictating your own environment, it helps to eliminate these problems.  You become more proactive as opposed to reactive.

2.  You are a snowflake.  Not in the sense of weak, but in the sense of no two snowflakes are exactly the same.  So there is no one size fits all solution to success.  You need figure out what works for you, and your solutions and then implement those successful strategies.

3.  Many of us admire and aspire to be like certain people, whether it be money moguls, celebrities, humanitarians, whomever.  So why not surround yourself with other goal-oriented and striving for success folks.  When your group of friends, which for many of us is a decent sized part of our “environment”, just wants to sit around and do nothing, you are going to want to sit around and do nothing, and even if you do not want to you probably will.  However, when you find others who are striving to success, who are self-aware and constantly thinking and working, you create that environment with them.  You have a support system, you have people to bounce ideas off, people who want to see you succeed.  

In this chaotic mish-mash of life, there are only so many things we can control, however, when you dictate your environment through personalized goals and strategies, become more proactive, and surround yourself with other successful people…

You Will Succeed.

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