Beauty is all around us

In this world of fucked up people

And fucked up times

Sometimes it takes so much

Just to free our minds

It’s the little things in life

That make up happiness

And this is all in my head

And time to get it off my chest

The little things make you happy

They warm your heart and soul

Living in the moment

Now isn’t that the goal

I sit here alone

But that’s really okay

Because you don’t need people

To be happy everyday

What is this happiness

That runs through your veins

For everyone one it is different

Whether it’s stagnant or change

Some need grand gestures

Just to make themselves feel

While others minor things

Ensure they know it’s real

For me to see the beauty

In the little things in life

I turn to look outside

And I see it’s all all right

I see a lake that lays there

So calm and serene

I see a successful mother

To her family she is queen

I see an angry man

Whose heart would never be tamed

Wide eyed and in love

For he has found his dame

I see a young soldier

Held up by family

Who triumphs through all

Which the eye can clearly see

I see a young woman

Fighting off the booze

Who little steps each day

Shows she will not lose

Everyone has their demons

Their nuances in life

However we can prosper

If the choice we make is right

What plagues at night

People not self-aware

Whether they choose not to

Or they simply do not care

For when you know your demons

And what makes you tick

The solutions in life

Will just simply click

Look around you

At the end of the day

And there’s a small chance

You’ll understand what I say

Finding beauty in the small things

It can make you feel

That if you look around us

The beauty in life is real

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