The best nights are the ones that you never Snapchat

The best nights, are the ones you never Snapchat

Anyone who knows me, knows my knack for snap chatting…..well….almost anything haha. However, the best nights I have are the ones I never end up snap chatting or taking pictures from (not for the reason you’re thinking 😉 hahaha)

It’s about living in the moment, or moments.

We live so much for trying to remember memories we haven’t even made yet.

A bunch of “candid” photos for the Instagram that we all know were staged.

Getting a shotty video of your favorite artist, whatever it may be, but it removes you. It takes you away from the experience. When you use your phone or camera to become the middleman between yourself and the event, you become just another internet iser who could have watched the same video from their computer at home.

We need to focus less on making memories we haven’t made made yet and more on living in the moment.

What you see, smell, feel and hear. What you take from looking around and seeing your friends having a blast, and you being a part of it. You’re making memories, you’re having a moment with the people that count.

I have 78 photos on my phone from a Safari in Tanzania, and I wasted two hours taking them all. When in reality, The pictures that I never look at don’t remind me of the beauty in a wild Giraffe galloping across the Serengeti, or the nervous look our guide head when our van broke down by the lion we were watching and he had to get out to fix it.

Better then social media, or a flash drive, Your mind is the greatest database of memories and don’t forget that.

At the end of the day, stop living so much for trying to remember memories you haven’t even made yet, and live in the moment.

-Lil Kevy out.

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