If I didn’t get a flat….

I have three cars. A newer Volkswagen, an older one and an old ford ranger.

The ranger ran when I got it, I replaced a few things on it and when I put it all back together, it didn’t run….

0 for 1

The newer Volkswagen, the ever reliable car, just got an ignition cylinder problem. My key got stuck, with my car running…..

After a few strong smacks I was able remove the key. However I didn’t want to risk driving it today, because of my key getting stuck.

0 for 2

So, I took out the hoopty car, the lowered and loud, potentially misfiring clown car, an MK3 GTI #lowlife

She made it all the way to drill, and halfway back, deep in central connecticut, the tire blew out.

0 for 3

After thirty minutes of AAA not picking up, I began cold calling.

The nearest tow truck was 2 hours away.

I asked a couple of real adults for advice, and decided to limp my car to a gas station and get it towed tomorrow.

When you have a lot of bad luck, it’s easy to get sad or angry. To break down or get down on ourselves.

Or you can accept that sometimes…..shit happens. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes things out of your control (or in them) throw a wrench in your plans.

Instead of breaking down, we can choose to hunt the good stuff.

If I didn’t get a flat, wouldn’t be sitting here inspired to write.

If I didn’t get a flat, I wouldn’t have learned to check the camber on the wheels and check for uneven wear when buying a new car.

If I didn’t get a flat I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy these delicious hot fries and a cool refreshing Arizona Iced tea.

Take a minute, take a breathe, and when life kicks you in the teeth, eat some delicious hot fries

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