Life is a highway….and we are all cars

Cars need maintenance. You buy the car, you put new tires on, change the fluids….so on and so forth.

Sometimes cars need things outside of regular matinence, such as a new battery or alternator.

Sometimes cars need bigger projects like a new transmission or a new engine.

All of these different problems are fixable, but fixable in different ways. If you keep running through tires and putting new tires on, it might not be the tire that’s the problem, but the fact that something is rubbing against it causing uneven wear.

It could be that your battery keeps dying, but it’s not the battery’s fault; it could be the alternator is failing to charge it.

There are so many things that can make a car stop running or not perform to standard.

Now the same is true with people. Everyone has their quirks; they have their dents and dings. Some problems in life are minor, and we can continue to drive through them and others are major where we have no choice but to confront the problem.

No matter what the issue though, they affect our car.

A misfiring car will still run. It will run until it runs so terribly that something seizes to work. It could be a week, it could be 100 weeks, but it will still run. Now when you’re running as a misfiring car, you’re damaging your other components and putting extra stress on them.

Just as if I have a problem I choose to ignore or try to push off, the second and third order effects will slowly trickle out of control.

Sometimes we get lucky; our cars break down at our house, or near home. We may break down far from home, but still be able to park in a safe spot.

But other times we are not so lucky, and we find ourselves cell phone dead and broken down on the busy highway of life.

When you have problems in your life, don’t ignore them. Assess the problem or issue, make a plan, execute and refine your plan from there.

Although break downs are sometimes inevitable, the more maintenance you can do, the better off your car will be.

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