Your life is an investment…..How are you spending?

IMG_3709.JPGThe biggest difference between money and life, is money is replaceable, we are not.

We invest in our retirement, invest in our stocks, our business, in whatever to get that return on investment, that coveted ROI. Real Estate has about a 3 percent annual return, other avenues we try to get 8 or more percent to make it worth putting your money there.

People are so quick to look at all their monetary investments, because its quantifiable. I put in $100 dollars and a year later I get $120 back.

But would you spend that $100 if you knew you were only going to get $50 back? Or if you knew you were going to get nothing back?

No, because it’s illogical.

Now take that same concept and apply it to your emotions, your time, and the people you surround yourself with.

When you apply this to your emotions, you realize that there are things you can and things you cannot control. When you realize and begin to recognize that, then you begin to invest your emotions more wisely. If I know you cannot change the fact that a car accident happened, or that my boss isn’t moving anytime soon, then you realize that wasting your time and emotion on the issue is pointless. Not only is there no return, but there is negative consequences of this. It can not only affect you, but affect your loved ones, affect your job, your goals, and your life. So don’t invest your emotions, in things you cannot change.

When you apply this to your time, you can see how much time you waste in a day. We have 24 hours in a day, if you sleep 8, work 8, and then use 4 hours for getting ready, commuting and eating, which still leaves 4 hours a day of complete white space. 4 hours to do with as you please. Granted, some work more or sleep less, but the principle is still the same. As each day goes by, you do not get that time back. So don’t waste it.

When you apply it to the people around you, you realize who the people who you should keep in your life. If you invest your time and emotions in a friendship, or relationship that is one-sided, or you are constantly being used, then you are wasting this. Now the heart doesn’t always agree with the head when it comes to things like love, but using logic can help you make poor decisions.

In the end, whether you’re 27 or 72, continue to invest wisely, and always make sure you get some sort of ROI.

-Lil Kevy

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