Why do we escape reality?

Why do we sleep

Why do we drink

Why do we smoke

Why do we binge eat

Why do we sleep around

We do these things, to escape reality. We live so much of our lives hating our own realities.

When you sleep, you sleep to recover, but you sleep to make the time go by. So that maybe when you wake up, your life will be better. Maybe you’ll have a dream or just wake up rested, but you are waking up in your same reality.

When you drink, you skew your own reality. Putting yourself in an altered mental state, it makes you feel better about your current situation. It skews your reality into somehow making it bearable for you, as long as you can maintain a buzz.

Binge eating, sleeping around etc are all things that make you feel good….momentarily. It’s a band-aid on the overall hemorrhaging wound. It does nothing in the long run, and is usually more detrimental to you then successfull.

Why don’t you start today by owning your reality?

Why don’t you start to own your reality everyday?

Get after it

-Lil Kevy

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