When death comes a’knockin

We sit in fear

We sit there in worry

What does tomorrow hold?

What does this next move, next decision make, what does it mean?


Life is a funny thing

Many people feel as if they are not in control

However, we are all in control

We make decisions every day, every moment


We accept lies and truths


We justify our actions to others and ourselves


They say there are three face’s

One is who most people see you as

The second is the face with those whom you hold closest hold you

And lastly is you behind closed doors


Most people will never truly know the true you


Who you are at the darkest hour or brightest light?


Who you are in the bliss of day or the deepest dark of night?


But who you are is controlled by you?


When you are happy or sad, mad or glad, it is controlled by you


On this crazy ride of that we call life, remember that we hold the reigns.  


A year before my grandmother passed, we had a very frank conversation.


At 92 years old, she said she was ready to go.  


As a 24-year-old guy, I understood.  For age is an excuse when it comes to life experience.  Some are 19 and understand this world as a 55-year-old and vice versa.  Age and life experience are two very different things.  


I looked my grandmother back into her eyes, and said I understood.  She has lived her life to the fullest, and for a long time.  She accepted her life


What more can you ask, when death comes knocking?


For when death rings your doorbell after a full life, do you huddle behind a door and pretend it’s not there, or do you open the door, allow it to take a seat, and offer it a cold drink.


We should not fear death, but welcome it when it is our time.  


For one who cannot accept that it is there time, cannot accept the fact that they have not experienced enough.  


This crazy ride we call life, if you were to pass tomorrow, what is your legacy.  What was your life.  What was your mark


If it was no mark, then make one.  


If there was no impact, then strive for one.  


We live but one life, so when the devil comes knocking, today or thirty years from now, make sure you are ready to go, and the book of life you live is one worth reading.  

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