Where do dreams go to die?

Where do dreams go to die.

We create, we believe we plan nad we execute

But where do our dreams die


Do they diie in an idea we feel is too outlandish?


Do they die because they weigh too much, stacked upon dealing with our life?


Do they die because instead we choose a pipe, a bottle, something more carnal, a momentary sense of satisfaction?


It is easy to dream, and it is easy for those dreams to die.  


It is hard…

To execute

To put dreams before others

To put dreams before yourself


It is hard to put these momentary feelings of nirvana to the side to achieve a much higher dream.  


Whether 5 or 50, to be Batman or own a business, to lose 50 pounds or to climb Mt. Everest, we all have dreams.


But how easy it is to give in to temptation and complacency and forget these dreams.  


So, do not have dreams….

Have small goals, fight complacency, and after enough small goals, your big goals will be yours.  


-Lil Kevy

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