Brain Stew

Where do we go to dump our mind…


With the tedious operations of everyday life, the monotony, the trivial pursuits of a 9-5


The work for so many years, the give your life to a corporation or cause that you might not necessarily believe in, but that pads your wallet and keeps your family fed


How many of us forgo the dreams and loves of life, to compromise for the paycheck to maintain order…


 For how many truly realize their dreams.   For how many truly realize their own ambitions and passions. 


For in this everyday life, however normal or chaotic, we all seek to make sense of exactly how we feel. Exactly our emotions.  Exactly how to piece together this never-ending and ever-changing puzzle of life.  


The chaotic conglomerate of thoughts an ideas…..


We all have our own versions of Brain Stew……

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