Happiness is Kinetic

Happiness is Kinetic


We all chase it 

We want happiness

We spend so much of our lives chasing this one goal, that seems to slip through our hands like the sands of time


Happiness is subjective


Nirvana to one is a warm summers day, toes in the sand, not a care in the world 


Nirvana to others is summiting a mountain, in the frigid cold, after weeks of walking


It is so subjective, and it is also Kinetic


As a child we seek the happiness, in the form of Lego blocks and tee-ball


As we grow older it is grades in school, winning a championship


Beyond then is getting a job, buying house, raising a family, starting a business


We are all chasing the same thing, however our end result is different, and ever changing


Today happiness is going for a run, tomorrow making smart financial moves


We all seek it, crave it, and spend our whole lives seeking it


Yet it changes every day and in every which way


Goals are attainable, yet happiness almost seems unattainable


As something so constantly changing, and by the time you reach what you think is your end goal, something new arises 


That taste that is always out of reach, that fruit that we cannot touch, the end result that never tastes as sweet as we expected


Accept that you will achieve goals, but never happiness, because what we seek changes with the times and the weather, and maybe one day we will get a taste, although it may be for a few moments, but a taste of achieving happiness, before it changes into our next goal.  


Complete happiness is unattainable, but moments of nirvana are the best we can do on this crazy ride we call life

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