Today I wrote my eulogy….

Today I wrote my eulogy. To see all that I have done.   To see what those would say when I was gone. 


I wrote about my sister, who would sorely miss her brothers’ shenanigans.  I wrote about my mentor, who would miss my stupid jokes and us sharing a desk at work.  I wrote about my platoon sergeant, who would miss my antics and terrible jokes.  I wrote about a co-worker who would miss me sniffing him before our shift takes their posts.  I wrote about my friend, who would miss me asking stupid questions about cars as we changed the oil.  I wrote about my soldiers, who would miss the acknowledgement of a shitty situation, but a smile after getting yelled at for an hour because of pants.  I wrote about my mentee, I wrote about my brother who I enlisted with, who, although we are on different paths, we both are happy where we are.  I wrote about one of my best friends, who would miss working on my seemingly never-ending house projects.  I wrote everything down.


When we look at the last year or ten years, we never realize how much of an impact we have.  It is so easy to look at the negative.  The things we haven’t accomplished.  The things we wished we did.  However, we get so wrapped up in these things we forget what is important. 


We spend so much time reflecting on the past, or working towards the future, that we forget what is right in front of us.  


So instead of your life mission, or looking so much at the future, look at your eulogy, and if everything came to halt tomorrow….


What would you want to be remembered for?

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