Table for One

I nervously wait in line for the florist….will there be anything left? I need the favorite, I know lillie’s work the best..


…..there’s no chocolate left, it’s all white choclate or weird fruit flavors…..


Whatever….I scurry to the self checkout….

As I drive to the house I’m nervous….

My heart is racing….

I go inside and make dinner…..

Wheat wraps with turkey, cheese and lettuce and a hint of Avocado mayo……(watching those net carbs)

As I serve, sit down and start to eat dinner, I look across the table….


I admire the empty seat….

And I can’t help but smile

I scarf down my delicious treat and start cleaning my house like any other Wednesday.

I am not anti-valentines by at means. I love Valentine’s Day, the romance in the air, the chocolate, the random acts of love….it’s like a Disney movie but in real life. However, it brings up two points in my head.

1. Everyday should be Valentine’s Day. If your with the one you love, you should work towards that, treat them special and make them feel like everyday is Feb. 14 and they should make you feel the same.

2. More importantly, you need to look in the Mirror, and you need to love yourself. Loving yourself is a hard thing to do. You are your own biggest critic….physically, emotionally and mentally. But you also are the one person that knows yourself the best. You are the one person who knows what makes you tick, what motivates you, what drives you and how you really feel. Society, people, mentors whoever can give you advice, tools and ideas to help you succeed. But only you know what tools will work, what tools you know how to use and what you need to do. It’s ok to not be perfect, To not be your ideal weight, hit your goal, or be exactly where you want to be. But you need to be honest with yourself, accept what you are and where you want to be and accept how to get there.

So this Valentine’s Day, I challenge you, whether single, taken or “it’s complicated”, to learn to love you for you and to be your own Valentine!

-Lil Kevy Out

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