It hasn’t been my year….

It hasn’t been my day, my week, my month, my year….

It is a statement we all mutter to ourselves when we deviate from our goals, or come upon misfortune and something so easy to blame.  It is easy to give up, and succumb to this excuse.  There is a certain level of comfort in accepting the fact that external events have got us beat.

But time waits for no man…..

Every day we live is another day closer to the day we die.  Whether it be in 70 days or 70 years, each breath we are closer to our last.  This isn’t to say we need to fear death, but what you do need to fear is that when you do take that last breath, that you do not regret the life you live.

But, there is more comfort in making it your year, if your year goes to all hell, make it your month, make it your day, make it your hour.  Whatever gets to you, seize the moment and make it yours.  The older you get, the quicker life goes by.  Each day the clock ticks closer to the end, so why are you going to waste any second of time, because of external events?

Each breath, we are closer to our last.

So when the grim reaper comes knocking at your door, do you want look back at wasted time?  Or a life worth living….

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